Money Ball

Lavar money ball 

First let's just give the man his props. A father willing to go forth a watch his son's not be taken for a marketing joke by the mainstream sneaker companies, he wanted to embark on a partnership. Granted maybe early into doing it, without his son Lonzo playing one NBA game but hey, maybe he knows something we don't know. But here are my thoughts! My first impression on Lavar was; " this man has a few screws loose". I just didn't understand where he was going with talking about his sons game play before even playing in NCAA TOURNAMENT was a bit crazy but hey he is a man that really believes in his child craft, however did he pant a target the size of the Grand Canyon on his back. All of those who have chased the dream of any sport has seen, or encounter that player who is or was highly publicized because of their talent. But you as that player see flaws in his game, or feel that player didn't have to life you had, or just wasn't better than you. So I say that to say this, the first player he decided to go at was the golden child Steph Curry and the King LeBron James. Although we know Steph hasn't answered back, he seemed to cross some lines with LeBron when he mention he upbringing of his children in the lane of being able to live up to the legacy that LeBron has. Did he go to far, perhaps, but the age old question is, will Lonzo have to pay for what Lavar has spoke of and did?. Now here's where this became a comedic performance by Lavar Ball, when his statement regarding that in his prime he would have beaten Micheal Jordan in basketball had feeling that maybe he had one to many shots of vodka, or Henny before answering this interview. But I have to give props where it's due. He gotta the sport and people of the sport attention to his boys. Now here's my biggest fear. There hasn't been a healthy number one on a consistent basis in about 15 years, so if he doesn't lives up to hype what would the backlash do to Lonzo, and his brother if this is a standard method by Lavar marketing his children is this the best. So the two nation wide interviews via ESPN's First take and FOX SPORTS Undisputed we got a chance to see the different sides of Lavar. Of course on the First Take interview, I felt that Lavar played into the hype of being interviewed by Steven A Smith, it was comedically driven and he played it as a father who banked on his son's basketball capabilities. A shouting match back and fourth about how his game warranted the public press was memorable. However, were he caught everyone's attention was him mentioning what his son would be able to do, day one of being drafted into the NBA. However we all know he is a little overrating he's son. Showing unconditional support for your child is one aspect, but parading him around in this such of fashion is what I'm concerned with. On Undisputed, FOX SPORTS broadcaster EX-NFL Legend Shannon Sharpe wasn't with the dramatic Lavar, he wanted the know where and why he believes in Lonzo game so strongly with little to no game time in the higher ranks, that he was able to slap a huge tag on the merchandise from the Big Baller brand, along with the comments regarding the people you are unable to afford the merchandise. Honestly it's looks way too much a like a different Nike Kobe Bryant sneaker. It just doesn't have anything in my opinion that shows that it's worth $495. And yes I've spent $500 or better on sneakers before. I was also at the peak of my sneaker head phase so judge all you want. Still got them thou. (ESPN First Take) (Fox Sports News Undisputed ) So in closing my questionable opinions are .... What is the Big Baller Brand after Draft day?. Did Lavar blow His son's chances at being a top five or top ten pick in this years draft?. What happens if he is the top draft pick. Will the target turn into a spotlight or will that target be justifiable. Will Lonzo's game keep the Lavar train pumping or will it shut him the hell up. One can only hope the best for the Ball, and pray that this moment hasn't created another reality tv show. Dear Lakers, he wants to be there. He wants to stay home. Lights, camera, action. 

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