We Don't Value The Same Shit!!!

              Well it's been an entertaining to say the least first seven months in office for the Trump administration, so beyond the fact of, every thought process is and can be viewed if you follow them on twitter. Honestly I thought pimps and hustla's had better game than this man, but day after day we are that he can talk his way outta anything, and roughly get away with it. So of course I'm in the state of New York which side with Democratic Party always, so we can shrug it off and say, the stats prove it wasn't us. However there are fifty states and eleven electoral votes to win which happen and has now left us with this shit show called the presidency. Yeah and shit show. Generations remove from hate, oppression(by at least some form of matter), full blown racism, January 20, 2017 embarked the day which the shit hit the fan.                   Honestly still I have yet to understand this man's motives with this country. I mean did any of his voters realize what brand of character they were allowing to have them represent in the office for the next four years. Listen I'm not getting into his character as a man because clearly, like him or not, we don't value the same shit. Silver spoon out weighs the concrete, rich lifestyle out weighs blue collar, and the list goes on. I'm speaking upon the chair he sits in. The chair that even if you not the best fit in everyone standards, there is something about you that will keep the noise makers to a minimum level as they are willing to grasp, what your doing during your time. This dude really has a pride problem, when your soul objective at times is to show some humility, because and I quote, do you see how many lives you have to be responsible for. The saddest issue during these seven months, if you can't control the violence in your own front yard, make us believe that you can project us from anything else.                  The biggest running reality show is the POTUS, Agree to disagree. This man is the topic every news forum in this date and age. Please turn on your tv, whether cable, or even streaming shows, there is some reference of him and his administration in the visual from. Which is sad only because it appears to be a soap opera that Netflix pick up for the world to see. We can set some examples, Russia, smack talk with North Korea, job creation, his past persona, but the one that's seem to not to be stashed away is the on going race relations in the USA. He has yet to confirmed that he's is or is not a racist. Funny when he has the power to denounce himself from being in anyway on which side, he chooses to stay quiet about it. Does it bother him? unknown, what's is his solution about it, he'll rather us pick and choose his verbal statements during press releases or conferences that's controversial with even the voters that backed him. Did they make a mistake? Maybe we should vote regarding that. The next three and half years will show whether he is a modern day Ronald Regan, or just a on going joker that's destroying the world.                   If is world is going to change its view of the office, is the answer is we don't have. Honestly does what happen in the office really change you day to day lifestyle? Is what your viewing or hearing about the office truly effectively changing your household, or your career. This is question you really have to ask yourself. What part of my life has any president ever effected my life. We all know taxes are taxes whether high or low. The saying goes death and taxes are guaranteed. If the conflict is brought to your property or doorstep, how would you handle it? What would you do? As we live in the now, what will happen next currently, will these four year make us better, or continue to make us worse? Who knows, And that's because we don't value the same shit!

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