13 isn't the Only Reason!

"The moment was too late to find a problem"                      If there is anything that effects parents and people in general all across the world is the mental health of their children or love one. Mental health is a growing crisis, however people have not be able to find the foundation that causes this wide spread epidemic. Now we all have different ways and feelings about this subject, some of us are built ford tough. Nothing can keep us down which gives our views about mental health differently than the people who are battling the disease. But the question for all parents and love one that may lie is, what is my child or love one is thinking or what's going on mentally with my child. For some of us, knowing someone with a mental health condition we are unable to tell the sign of either knowing that their having this problem or if they're dealing with a condition so powerful that it can effect their life forever, or when it's too late.                           In the screener generation, more and more lives are affected because when in the social media world everyone channels in on the topic which can be your reason of conservatism concern. The social media platforms has giving the world access to forms of visual content that even when we was children was forbidden to have. With one click of the button, we are allow to change the way we live our lives on a daily basis. YouTube allows you to fixed, research, and locate content that can control the emotion status in your household. Facebook allows you to speak to a audience of friends or strangers to view, approve, comment on what you display to the masses that choose to follow you. Sex isn't as taboo anymore because, the point click era allows you to access it at even given time, even on different social platforms. Funny how every thing that is cool to have can ultimately control you life and how to live it. Then there is that control where in the spilt on second that can lead to ending or taking a life, and in most examples doesn't have anything to do with anything screen related. Sleep in peace to the millions that have lost the battles to this disease. You was or are always appreciated.                            For the past couple of years in my opinion, the affects of recent sudden tragedies that were made public have been overwhelmingly shocking. We as either fans or investors into entertainment or the business of such, still are asking how and that star or person fell in a dark state to take their life. Two examples I'm going to touch upon, which we hopefully allow myself to describe where this illness can play two different elements of life. First was Mr Robin Williams, a man who as a kid I grew up watching and always was receiving happiness, joy, and just great vibes on and off the screen. Great family man through good and bad times. Appeared to handle the hustle and grind of being a entertainer, however was living most of his career in a very dark place. Can you honestly point out a moment from being a viewer, that Mr. Williams was in a dark part in his life, that led to his tragic death? In my opinion, I can't. My second example is a rapper name Joe Budden, successful early career, with his hit single which we in the hip hop community know very well, but it was his recent statement that caught my attention, as stated "are we listening to artist cries for help", and it has dawn on me that we don't we don't. We are going off of what he has presented to public as being a man who couldn't move on from a long relationship, but forget that the broken home and death of best friend has done more damage than everything else. Now granted I'm a huge fan of Joe and hie success however, as a fan I we listening and looking for signs that states the same. But is it our responsibility as fans of these individuals to hear, and watch for the signs of distress?                      So what leads to suicidal thoughts or actions, in my opinion the environment. What lifestyle is being lived that makes someone feel that they are willing to control there time on earth. Is it the life, is it what life is giving them, is or was it a moment of or in life that one can not continue to bare with. We have seen that a vice is needed is succumb the day to day of success or hardships. Broken homes, lack of love, lack of presence around others, abuse in all forums and we can content to a lot of what we see visually and what we hear in music. Recently during the 2017 MTV Music Awards, the rapper who goes by the name Logic team up with to express that there is a outlet for those batting this disease with the title track 1-800-273-8255, which is a helpful hotline and has seen a spike in calls by 50% since his performance. Making Americans aware that this is a bigger issue than we all have see             Life isn't easy. There are moments in life as the journey gets older there are so many elements that can become harder. Independent parenting, job loss, school, daily struggles whether rich or poor can lead to different emotional values of oneself worth at anytime at any moment. I support the suicide awareness network that allows people who are battling these issues on a regular. I feel that when someone has the opportunity to connect with someone with is willing to help those in need. Suicide prevention lifeline, provides tools, and elements that help save millions of lives and build better opportunities of those in need. When you speak to clarity, the world you live in becomes clearer. Love is love. Life is love. Use this opportunity to live within the life that you can love for a lifetime, and not a lifeline.  


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